Winning in the job marketplace:: Market yourself to land great opportunities

You've spent years working hard in college or grad school and spent (or borrowed) $100,000 to earn a degree. Why waste it all in a span of 5 minutes during a job interview?

This program is designed especially for the recent grad or those with minimal job search experience. We will teach you the tips and tricks to leverage your own strengths and secure the best position. Who are the third parties that you can leverage to your benefit? How do you come across in interviews? When is the right time to interject with the profound statement? What questions should you ask? Rather than the generic platitudes expressed in many "self-help" books this program is personalized to you and tailed the specific job you want. Seasoned recruiters and executives will impart their knowledge and experience in one-on-one sessions that will give you the edge. In these times of 9% employment, do you want to leave your job search to chance?

Areas of focus include: Filtering and targeting the right opportunity * Engaging a propective employer * Interviewing: Openings and closings * Interviewing: Creating a dialogue * Interviewing: Art of the answer * Interview follow-up and influencing * Closing the deal: Negotiate and get more

Your learning will include "live" interaction, actionable advice, and materials designed to support your personal improvement. The assignment of coach with previous, certified experiece as a hiring manager, will be the key to your success, providig valauble, real-time feedback. Your coach will remain consistent during your time in the program.

> 4 private sessions with an executive, results oriented coach
> Individual screening, analysis and report on your strengths, weaknesses and how to capitalize on them
> Wallet card / Iphone app that with tips and tricks
> Best practices and referrral advantage
> One month follow-up post-program and refresher

Please note that to ensure the best success for our clients, we are selective on who we accept into this program, based on their previous academic record, personality and professional background.

Fee: $1,200